by máni on September 11, 2014

hello there! it’s been a while again…apparently, my blog has been hacked but i can finally log in again and post! some things still look a bit strange but i’ll get this fixed soon i hope.

a little while ago we went hiking near dresden in an area called sächsische schweiz. we went there around christmas time and knew we had to come back once it’s warm enough to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

we went to a town called rathen and one of my favourite things was that you have to take the ferry to get on the other side of the river.

you don’t always have to travel far to discover and experience such beauty. it’s so nice to just enjoy the view, the deep green hues of the woods and breathe in all those mossy scents.

corners of our home.

by máni on April 11, 2014

some details i captured in our flat over the last couple weeks. have a lovely weekend everyone!

in tel aviv.

by máni on März 16, 2014

i finally got the last batch of pictures from tel aviv. the first four photos are taken in our friend’s apartment. that coffee with cardamom is so good!

we took long walks, made four-legged friends, ate shakshuka and malabi, the neon pink dessert. i want to go back already…

en gedi. the dead sea.

by máni on Februar 25, 2014

we took the bus from jerusalem for a day trip to en gedi beach at the dead sea. floating in the dead sea is really an experience! and how oily the water feels… it wasn’t the nicest though as the actual beach is now farther away from the water because the dead sea is sadly shrinking. so there are lots of rocks and you can easily cut yourself. but the view of the jordanian mountain range and the blue water are so stunning!