camera biyori.

by máni on December 12, 2014

Japanese photography magazine Camera Biyori published 2 pages with my photographs from Iceland with a little travel report and an interview in their recent travel issue, vol. 57.
Thanks for the feature, such a nice magazine!

denmark: hvide sande, skagen & aarhus.

by máni on October 31, 2014

We somehow established a tradition to go away for our birthdays. This year we enjoyed the last few sunny days of late summer in Denmark where we stayed in a cottage near a town called Hvide Sande. White sand.
We also drove up to the northernmost point of Denmark, Skagen where the North Sea and Baltic Sea meet. You can stand there with your feet in two seas at once and see the waves clashing against each other from two opposite directions! I was so excited!
Another day we made a trip to Århus where we walked around the city, ate smørrebrød, checked out little shops and just enjoyed the overall very warm and welcoming atmosphere.
And we challenged ourselves to try every Danish beer that exists.

ceramics by inbar frim & rotem rozenboim.

by máni on October 22, 2014

During my last stay in Tel Aviv I discovered the ceramist Inbar Frim thanks to a small shop in Jaffa, where her pieces are being sold alongside the work of other ceramic artists. I couldn’t get her beautiful bowls and cups out of my head and eventually went back to buy two of them. I’m in love with the delicate shape and extraordinary motifs. It was almost impossible to choose a favourite.

The bowls I got were painted by Inbar’s husband Rotem Rozenboim, who is an artist himself. They started this collaboration of painted cups and bowls seven years ago and each one is decorated with ceramic pencil on porcelain.

Inbar works in her studio in Tel Aviv and her work includes ceramic art as well as drawings on paper.
Next time I’m in Tel Aviv I’d love to pay her studio a visit.

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by máni on September 11, 2014

hello there! it’s been a while again…apparently, my blog has been hacked but i can finally log in again and post! some things still look a bit strange but i’ll get this fixed soon i hope.

a little while ago we went hiking near dresden in an area called sächsische schweiz. we went there around christmas time and knew we had to come back once it’s warm enough to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

we went to a town called rathen and one of my favourite things was that you have to take the ferry to get on the other side of the river.

you don’t always have to travel far to discover and experience such beauty. it’s so nice to just enjoy the view, the deep green hues of the woods and breathe in all those mossy scents.